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The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + Phytoceramides Review

Updated: 23 hours ago

In 2023 The Ordinary launched a couple of new moisturizers which were more upgraded versions of their traditional moisturizer, Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA (NMF+ HA). Specifically for dry skin, they launched the Natural Moisturizing Factors + Phytoceramides (aka NMF+ Phytoceramides), a formula supposed to deliver 4x more hydration than the former version.

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + Phytoceramides

So I went ahead and tried it to see if it meets up it claims. In today’s post, I will share with you my honest thoughts after using this moisturizer for over 3 months.  

My Experience with the Natural Moisturizing Factors + Phytoceramides from The Ordinary

I first got the NMF+ Phytoceramides when it originally launched during the winter of 2023 and honestly, the promises of hydration got me super excited. I was hoping it would be better than the NMF + HA, which I tried in 2019 but found to be too sticky and matte. 

So, what changed? First, the addition of phytoceramides to this new moisturizer was a total yes for me. Ceramides are essential to maintaining the hydration levels in the skin and guarantee optimal skin barrier function. For dry skin, this sounds like heaven already. Also, this new formula contains more emollients and twice as many humectants among which are PCA, sodium lactate, and urea, in addition to hyaluronic acid. 

As expected, the NMF + Phytoceramides was a complete banger on my skin. It left my skin much more hydrated than the former version, was easier to apply, and left a dewy finish (which is what I love in my moisturizer) and kept my skin properly moisturized throughout the days during winter.  

The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + Phytoceramides

I reintroduced this moisturizer this winter without hesitation into my routine as it did such a good job and I will recommend this to all my dry skin girlies out there. It can equally be used during other seasons, as it isn’t too thick, but I mostly reach out for it during the colder months.

My Pros and Cons

I did not have any cons, however, here’s what I love the most about The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + Phytoceramides:

  • It packs a punch in terms of hydration and keeps the skin moisturized all day without needing reapplication. 

  • It leaves the skin subtle and has a natural dewy finish. 

  • The texture sits right between thick and lightweight and absorbs well into the skin without leaving the skin greasy.

  • It is affordable and effective, so you get the best of both worlds.

  • It is formulated for all skin types but is most suitable for dry skin.

What is the NMF + Phytoceramides from The Ordinary?

Let's take a closer look at this amazing moisturizer. What are the most remarkable things to note about the NMF + Phytoceramides? 

Well firstly, this moisturizer is designed not only to hydrate but also to replenish lipids in dry skin. This is extremely important as dry skin, does not produce enough sebum naturally.  As such, topically apply essential fatty acids, lipids, and natural moisturizing factors (urea, amino acids, etc.). This is great for skin barrier repair.

Ingredients in this NMF + Phytoceramides

Plant-derived Phytoceramides

The NMF + Phytoceramides contains a plant-derived ceramide called  Glycosphingolipids. This ceramide helps replenish the skin’s natural reserve to reinforce the skin barrier and provide optimal prevention of transepidermal water loss.


Glycolipids are equally plant-derived lipids that help improve skin hydration, water retention, and optimal barrier function by maintaining the stability between the cells that make up the skin barrier  

Fatty Acids 

The NMF + Phytoceramides contains a blend of fatty acids that act as emollients to help trap moisture within and condition the skin, making it softer and more subtle. They include Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, and Stearic Acid.


Urea is one of the skin’s natural moisturizing factors and a humectant. Not only does it hydrate the skin but, it also softens and helps break down dry skin due to its mild exfoliating properties.

Benefits and Drawbacks of this Moisturizer

Below are the benefits and potential drawbacks of The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + Phytoceramides;


  • It is proven to increase skin hydration by 68% and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

  • It does not contain comedogenic ingredients and is vegan and fragrance-free.

  • Furthermore, it is safe for sensitive skin and ideal to repair an impaired barrier or dry skin.

  • It has a nice, rich yet non-greasy texture that leaves a subtle glow. 


The main drawback with this product is that, although considered affordable as opposed to other products from other brands that deliver similar results, it is more expensive than what the brand has accustomed its customers to. NMF+ HA (100ml) CAD 18.10 vs NMF + Phytoceramides CAD 26.50. Also, it is not available in less than 100ml

Final Thoughts

Overall, I will say The Ordinary did not disappoint with this moisturizer. It lives up to its claims and is a great product, especially for the cold months. If you want to spend a reasonable amount of money without forgoing product quality, the Natural Moisturizing Factors + Phytoceramides is for you!


How Often Should I Use The Ordinary NMF + Phytoceramides?

You can use this moisturizer twice a day. Both in your morning and night routine, after all your serums and before your sunscreen.


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