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Topicals Faded Serum Review for Discoloration

Like most people with dark skin, I struggle with hyperpigmentation regularly. Not only have I lived most of my life in a tropical area without wearing sunscreen, but I also struggle with dry skin which is naturally prone to dullness. For you, it may be frequent acne breakouts causing you dark spots or acne scars.

Topicals Faded Serum

Whatever the case, getting rid of skin discoloration is certainly not an easy fit. So imagine my joy when I tried the Topicals Faded Brightening and Clearing serum and just under 3 weeks some of the toughest patches of uneven skin on my face started fading away.

My Experience with the Topicals Faded Serum

The Topicals Faded serum comes in a 50ml tube that protects the product from oxidization. I started using this serum last November when I decided to get rid of the stubborn dark patches ( I have had them since 2020)  I had on my cheekbones, around my mouth, and forehead.

A picture of me before I used the Topicals Faded Serum
Before I used the Topicals Faded Serum

Before starting the Faded serum, I was apprehensive of possible irritations because this is a strong product. It blends over 6 potent brightening actives that may be too irritating and cause side effects like redness, rashes, etc. I am sensitive, so I was prepared for some redness and irritations, but surprisingly my skin welcomed it quite well. 

A picture of my skin after 3 weeks of using the Topicals Faded Serum.
My skin after 3 weeks of using the Topicals Faded Serum.


I applied a pea-size amount every day in my morning routine and after 3 weeks of consistent use, I noticed the discoloration has started fading away but more interestingly my skin texture also smoothened out. This is attributed to the azelaic acid it contains, which has keratolytic properties. In the 3 months of use, my skin is significantly brighter, smoother, and more even. If this convinces you already, you can place an order HERE. If not, here are my pros and cons.

My Pros and Cons



Uses multiple actives to target discoloration

Is pricey 

Concentrated formula (a little goes a long way)

Smells funky 

Delivers results as fast as 2 weeks

Can be irritating to sensitive 

Doesn’t pair well with some strong actives 

About the Faded Serum from Topicals

A picture of me holding the Topicals Faded Serum by my face.

The Faded serum is a brightening and clearing serum that is aimed at fading discolorations and evening the skin tone out. It is formulated for people who struggle with most forms of hyperpigmentation, be it dark spots, melasma, dull skin, or sun-induced discoloration. 

Star Ingredients in this Faded Serum

  • Kojic Acid

  • Tranexamic acid 

  • Azelaic Acid

  • Alpha arbutin 

How does this Discoloration Serum work?

It contains multiple tyrosinase inhibitors that stop the production of melanin in the skin via multiple pathways, leading to brighter and more even skin tone. In addition to that azelaic acid present in this formula helps gently exfoliate the skin while soothing ingredients like Centella Asiatica and allantoin help soothe the skin and lessen the risk of skin irritation.

Benefits and Drawbacks of this Discoloration Serum


  • The Faded serum is one of the most effective hyperpigmentation treatments for melanin-rich skin tones. It is clinically proven to show positive results as soon as 2 weeks.

  • It works on stubborn forms of hyperpigmentation such as melasma because it contains tranexamic acid, which is scientifically proven to improve melasma patches on the skin.

  • Furthermore, it is a great all-in-one product to have in your routine as it blends over 6 skin brightening ingredients, thereby canceling the need for multiple serums. 

  • The packaging of the Topicals faded serum protects the gel from oxidization.


  • It is expensive and comes in just a 50ml format, however a little goes a long way. If used correctly, it should last a while.

  • It has a foul smell, often described as similar to rotten eggs. This is because it contains the antioxidant glutathione, an ingredient that contains cysteine, an amino acid that smells like sulfur. 

Final Thoughts

The hype behind this product is worth it, and I understand why it has become such a cult favorite. Over the years, I have tried so many hyperpigmentation treatments, but the Topicals Faded serum is one of the few that stands out, especially when dealing with stubborn discoloration on the skin. I recommend this product, especially for melanin-rich skin. 

A tube of the Topicals Faded Serum.

However, use this with caution as it is a potent product that can cause side effects such as redness, irritations, stinging, and tiny rashes. It is best not to pair it with other strong actives such as AHAs/BHAs or retinol, especially if you have sensitive skin. Make sure you do not apply more than a pea-sized amount on dry skin to reduce the risk of irritating your skin. It can be used morning and night, but always make sure you wear and reapply your sunscreen, as this serum contains ingredients that can increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight (you do not want all your efforts to go in vain). 

Where to Buy the Topicals Faded Serum


Does the Topicals Faded Serum Work?

Yes, the Topicals Faded serum contains over 6 brightening ingredients to fade skin discoloration and even skin tone.

How Long Does it Take to See Results After Using the Topicals Faded Serum?

Expected to see results with this serum as soon as two weeks. In my case, I started noticing changes by week 3.

Can I Put a Moisturizer over the Topicals Faded Serum?

Yes, you should apply your moisturizer after the Topicals Faded serum to seal moisture in your skin.


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