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Olay Retinol Body Wash Review | Weirdskin

Updated: Apr 21

As someone who has struggled with dry, irritated skin for as long as I can remember, finding the right skincare products has always been a challenge. But after trying the Olay Retinol renewing body wash, I can honestly say that I've found my new go-to product !!!

The Olay Retinol Body Wash placed on a wooden chair.

My Experience Using the Olay Retinol Body Wash 

The Skin Problem I Had

Two months before trying this body wash, my skin was extremely flaky, dry, and super irritated. I had recently moved to Canada during winter and my skin was falling apart. I quickly figured I needed something to help reduce the flakiness and improve my skin’s capacity to retain moisture. You can place an order HERE.


A picture of Habiba sitting behind the Olay Retinol Body Wash. They are both infront of a mirror.

The brand promises results after 2 weeks of use but in my case, after just one week of using the Olay Retinol body wash, I saw a significant improvement.

By the second week of use, my skin was back to its normal texture and felt smoother than ever. Yes, you read right in 2 weeks my skin was better than before.

The combination of retinol and niacinamide, really worked well to exfoliate, brighten, and smoothen my skin while keeping it hydrated. My dry skin shredded in during the first which I attribute to retinol’s ability to speed up the skin’s renewal process. My skin’s texture by week 2 was as soft as a baby’s bum, more hydrated and signs of inflammation on my chest and neck area disappeared.

When it comes to skin brightening, I did notice a slight glow to my skin but in such a short time of testing this product, it is too early to tell if it can fade dark spots on the body. However, it did improve my uneven skin tone in areas like my neck, chest, and inner thighs. I will recommend using it for at least 3 months if you are trying to get rid of old scars or dark spots.

What is the Olay Retinol Body Wash?

The Olay Retinol Body Wash is a skincare product that is specifically formulated to improve the appearance and texture of your skin. It contains Retinol, a powerful ingredient that has been shown to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve skin tone and texture.

In my case, I was in dire need of a product that could help shed off the excessive flakiness my skin was experiencing all over my body. Most importantly I needed something that was exfoliating but also very moisturizing because of dehydrating the winter cold to my skin. The idea of retinol in a body wash I have to admit also got me intrigued because retinol is an active usually found in pricey anti-aging creams. To have it in a body wash and at such a low price point, I just had to give it a try, and boy was I pleased by the result.

Star Ingredients in the Olay Retinol Renewing Body Wash

Let’s have a look at the star ingredients that make up this amazing body wash


Retinol is considered the do-it-all in skincare as this active helps with skin cell regeneration. It can stimulate collagen production, has keratolytic properties (which means it triggers exfoliation), improves skin elasticity, treats acne, improves skin tone and texture …etc. I could go on forever. But basically, this is the main reason why this body wash is so effective.


Just like retinol, niacinamide (vitamin b3) is another multipurpose active ingredient and one of my favorites to use. It helps reinforce the skin’s barrier for better hydration, improves skin texture, evens skin tone out, and acts as a sebum controller ( where my acne/bacne girlies at?). This mainly acts as a support ingredient to improve the skin’s overall health and texture.

How Does the Olay Retinol Body Wash Work?

The Olay Retinol Body Wash propped up on a black chair.

This product contains Retinol, which is a form of vitamin A. Retinol is a powerful ingredient that has been shown to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve skin tone and texture.

Retinol can stimulate the production of collagen, a protein that is essential for healthy skin. Collagen helps to maintain the structure of your skin, making it look firmer and smoother. Retinol also helps to increase cell turnover, which can help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and shed dead skin cells present on the body for smoother skin.

In addition to Retinol, the Olay Retinol Body Wash also contains other beneficial ingredients, such as glycerin and niacinamide. Glycerin is a humectant that helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin, while niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that has been shown to help improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture.

Benefits of the Olay Retinol Body Wash

According to Olay's website, the Retinol Body Wash has several benefits for the skin, including:

Improved Skin Appearance

Retinol is a well-known ingredient in the skincare world for its ability to improve the overall appearance of the skin. By promoting cell turnover, retinol can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, and promote a more even skin tone.

Softens Skin

In addition to improving the skin's appearance, Olay Retinol Body Wash claims to make the skin feel soft and smooth. This may be due to the hydrating ingredients in the product, like glycerin and coconut oil.

Youthful and Radiant Complexion

Retinol is also known for its ability to promote a more youthful and radiant complexion. By stimulating collagen production, retinol can help to improve skin elasticity and firmness, which can lead to a more youthful appearance.

Healthy Skin Barrier

Olay claims that its Retinol Body Wash can help to build and promote a healthy skin barrier. This is important because the skin barrier plays a crucial role in protecting the skin from environmental stressors, like pollution and UV radiation. A strong skin barrier can also help to prevent moisture loss, which can keep the skin looking and feeling hydrated.

Even Complexion

Another benefit of Olay Retinol Body Wash is that it can help to promote a more even skin tone. This may be due to the exfoliating properties of retinol, which can help to remove dead skin cells and promote a brighter, more even complexion.

Side Effects of the Olay Retinol Body Wash

While Olay Retinol Body Wash has several benefits for the skin, it's important to be aware of any potential side effects before using it. Some possible side effects of retinol include:

Skin Irritation

Retinol can be irritating to the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Symptoms of skin irritation may include redness, itching, and flaking.

Sun Sensitivity

Retinol can also make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. This is because retinol helps shed dead skin cells to reveal younger skin which if exposed to the sun can easily get irritated. So do not forget to apply sunscreen all over your body or wear protective clothes to limit any risk of irritation.

How to Use the Olay Retinol Body Wash

Usage directions recommend using this body wash once a day in the shower at night. Just press two pumps onto your bathing sponge or loofah and gently massage into your skin. After a couple of minutes rinse off and follow with a hydrating body lotion.

I found that the Olay Retinol body wash was gentle enough to use every day, both in the morning and at night, and it didn't irritate my skin at all. However, it's important to note that retinol can cause sensitivity to the sun, so it's best to use the product only at night.

After showering with the body wash, I religiously follow up with a moisturizing cream to lock in the hydration. I alternated between the Vaseline Clinical Care Extremely Dry Skin Rescue and the Olay Revitalizing and Hydrating Body lotion. I also applied the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body oil to make my skin even smoother and more hydrated throughout the day.

My Final Thoughts on the Olay Retinol Body Wash

Overall, I was completely satisfied with the Olay Retinol renewing body wash and would give it a solid 9 out of 10 rating. This was my first time using a product with retinol, and I was amazed at the transformation it had on my skin. The second product I used that contained retinol was the Good Molecules Gentle Retinol Cream. If you're struggling with dry, irritated skin like I was, I would recommend giving this body a try. This product also affects body acne, hyperpigmentation, and keratosis pilaris. Here is my review of it on TikTok.

FAQs on Olay Retinol Body Wash

Is Olay Body Wash Good?

Yes, the Olay Retinol body wash is an amazing product if you have a very rough skin texture, dull skin, or body acne.

Can You Use Olay Retinol Body Wash During the Day?

It is not recommended to use the Olay Retinol body wash during the day as it can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. However, I did and I made sure to cover up my skin and wear SPF religiously to protect my skin from UV rays.

Which Olay Product Has the Most Retinol?

Olay retinol-based products have proprietary formulae which means they do not reveal the percentage of their actives. However here is a list of the best Olay Retinol products; Olay Retinol Renewing Body Wash, Olay Regenerist Retinol 24, and the Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Max.

Can I Use the Olay Retinol Body Wash Every Day?

If you are new to retinol, start with 1-2x a week at night. Once you are your skin can tolerate retinol amp up to use daily.

Is Olay Retinol Body Wash Suitable for All Skin Types?

Yes, the Olay Retinol Body Wash is suitable for all skin types.

Do Retinol Body Washes Have Side Effects?

Yes, this body wash can cause dryness, redness, irritation, and sun sensitivity if not used with care. Make your to pair this with a hydrating body lotion to prevent dryness from retinol. Apply SPF in the morning on areas of your skin that will be exposed to sunlight directly and do not overuse the body wash. If you notice an allergic reaction discontinue use.

Does Retinol in Body Washes Work?

The Olay Retinol Body Wash is effective and will renew your skin in two weeks.


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