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5 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Skincare Routine | Weirdskin

Updated: Jan 9

When asked, most men say they do not have time for skincare and feel like they do not need it. Most guys believe it is a ‘women’s thing’ while others find skincare daunting because of the many products women use. Some don’t think about skincare at all.

Black guy putting on a face moisturizer

The truth is everyone needs skin care. Experts are clear that there are many sex-related differences in the manifestation of skin disorders in human beings. For example, men are more prone to infectious skin diseases. However, women present more psychosomatic problems, pigmentary disorders, certain hair diseases, and autoimmune and allergic diseases.

It not only translates the need for men to care for their skin but equally highlights the importance of knowing what skincare regimen is suitable for them.

The good thing is skincare for men doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you understand why caring for your skin is necessary, you will find it easier to do the right things. In today’s post, discover 05 reasons why every man needs a skincare routine.

The High Sebum Content of Men’s Skin

In general, men have 10x more testosterone than women in their bodies. It is for this reason that men have more oily skin. Also, because men have larger pores, their skin produces more sebum (1,2). The excess oil ends up clogging the pores and making the skin prone to acne breakouts.

Men equally have thicker skin which on the upside is beneficial for water retention. But this thickness makes it harder for the skin to shed off dead cells, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

It, therefore, comes in handy to set up a skincare routine that will help balance out the production of this excess oil to reduce acne flare-ups and maintain healthy skin.

Decrease in the Capacity of the Skin to Hydrate Itself

Hydration is essential for the growth and shedding cycle of skin cells present on the epidermis. It contributes to protecting the skin from external aggressions.

A study revealed that when young, male skin has a higher ability to stay hydrated than female skin. Unfortunately, this reduces with time when men reach their forties.

It means the older you get, the more vulnerable your skin becomes to UV radiation, infections, and transepidermal water loss. It is, therefore, capital for men to boost the skin’s hydration by using hydrating and moisturizing skincare products. A very good product is The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA.

Increase in Transepidermal Water Loss Over Time

Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) refers to the amount of water that evaporates from the skin into the surrounding environment. This process is one of the main ways to characterize the skin’s barrier function. An increase in TEWL is an indication that the skin is losing water and becoming dehydrated due to a dysfunctional skin barrier.

Research proves that above 50 years, the rate at which the skin experiences TEWL in men increases. It means that the older you get, the more fragile your skin’s barrier becomes. It could lead to more frequent infections, acne breakouts for people with oily skin, and flaky skin for those having a dry skin type.

Introducing a moisturizer in your routine is an effective way of preventing TEWL. Occlusive skincare ingredients help boost moisture retention by forming a protective barrier on the skin that traps water within the dermis.

Decrease in Collagen and Skin Elasticity Over Time

In general, it is estimated that after your 30th birthday, your skin loses 1g of collagen yearly. This study revealed that, although men have thicker skin than women, they experience a linear decrease in said thickness from 20 years. This process is called skin thinning and is caused by the loss of collagen in the skin over time.

Using skincare products that contain active ingredients that boost collagen production is an effective way of slowing down the skin’s aging process.

With regards to skin elasticity, although men have more elastic skin, its capacity to recover when stretched is not as high. Studies have shown that female skin is less distensible but recovers faster when stretched. It, therefore, could come in handy to use products that boost skin elasticity to guarantee fewer skin irritations.

Sensitivity Caused By Friction On The Skin

Hello beard gang!

Men with a beard tend to have sensitive skin around the beard area. Constant shaving causes mechanical irritation of the beard area, which can lead to infections. On average, a man shaves 16000 times. That is a lot of stress to put your skin through. Unless you are lucky enough to have a barber who knows his thing, you should get soothing after-shaving products to calm down irritations. Remark I did not say to use an aftershave. We will get to that.

Also, certain poor shaving practices such as shaving in the opposite direction in which your hair grows bring about issues such as ingrown hair and folliculitis. These usually cause ugly inflamed bumps to appear on the skin and end up leaving scars.

Experts recommend leaving out of your beard grooming routine aftershaves that contain alcohol. These will cause further aggression on the skin.

Shaving already strips the skin of the essential lipids needed to stay healthy. Going in with any product that contains alcohol will only make things worse and cause the area to dry out.

Wrinkles and Signs of Aging

While, in general, women show signs of aging earlier than men mainly due to hormonal imbalances and exposure to the sun throughout their lifetime, studies have concluded that facial wrinkles are deeper, and facial sagging is more prominent in the lower eyelids of men.

The good news is that since men have thicker skin, they can tolerate higher concentrations of anti-aging skincare formulations like this Depology Argireline Serum. So consider splurging on a retinol eye cream or sunscreen to smoothen those fine lines.

Final Thoughts

After reading all of this, I hope you are sold and are looking forward to building your skincare routine. It is okay if you feel a little bit overwhelmed with all the information you just received. Creating new habits takes time, but hey, that’s why I am here. I want to help you achieve the skin you deserve.

While the reasons listed there highlight the technical aspects of skincare, the main reason why I want you to get into skincare is because of the psychological impact it has. Skincare helps raise self-esteem and boost self-confidence, especially in people who deal with glaring skin imperfections. Everyone was not born with perfect genes. I have struggled with dry skin my whole life and always felt uncomfortable about having such weird flaky, cracked, and dull skin.

Despite all the efforts I made, my skin wasn’t just what I needed it to be. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I decided to understand why my skin was acting the way it was and what I could do to improve my skin. Since then, a lot of things in my life have changed. I know how it feels to look at yourself in the mirror and not particularly like what you see. That is why I decided to help people to work towards achieving the appearance they deserve.

My skincare journey has been such an exciting experience, and, in the process, I have learned a lot of things about myself. More looking more beautiful or handsome skincare can play a self-care role. The moments I dedicate to my routine allow me to listen to my body. I can reconnect with myself and even meditate on my life while taking care of my skin.

It has also been an opportunity for me to connect with those around me that I love. We sometimes indulge in family and friends’ skincare sessions at home which creates an opportunity for us to bond. It equally creates an opportunity for my partner and me to share cherished moments.

All this to say, past being healthy physically, you can turn your skincare routine into a more meaningful experience. If you are battling with body image because of your skin, you could take the first step to change your life today.

Subscribing to my blog will keep you in the loop with all the necessary information, skincare tips, product reviews, and recommendations to help you achieve your skincare goals. If you loved reading this get started on your skincare journey with these pointers.


What is the Best Men's Skin Care Brand?

  • Dermatologica

  • Clinique for men

  • The Ordinary

  • Cetaphil

  • Dove Men+Care

  • Lumin

  • Kiehls kir for men

What are the Must-Have Skin Care Products for Men?

The essential skincare products every man needs are a gentle facial cleanser, an antioxidant treatment, a hydrating moisturizer, and a sunscreen lotion of at least SPF 50.


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