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Good Molecules Gentle Retinol Cream Review

Updated: Mar 8

Retinol has become so popular in the skincare community in the past years and rightfully so. Vitamin A and its derivatives to date remain the most well-researched skincare ingredients. Their benefits are countless from slowing down aging, and treating acne, to fading hyperpigmentation, the possibilities seem endless.

gentle retinol cream from skincare brand Good Molecules

As someone who struggles with a rough and flaky texture and fine lines, I just had to give retinol a try to put its skin-rejuvenating properties to the test. For a first try, I wanted something gentle for my skin reasons why I decided to test the Good Molecules Gentle Retinol Cream.

My Experience with the Gentle Retinol Cream from Good Molecules

My main concern with trying retinol was the possible side effects this active is reputed to have, and I was hoping to find a product that was mild enough for my sensitive skin. This retinol treatment is true to its name and was incredibly gentle on my skin. It did not irritate my skin at all and by the 3rd week of use my skin appeared to be significantly smoother and more plump. 

gentle retinol cream

I started off using it 2–3 times a week as suggested on the label for dry skin and quickly moved on to using it every single night without any irritations. However, I was careful not to use it with other strong actives and I loved it. If you are looking for something gentle to introduce retinol to your skincare regimen this is the cream to try.

My Pros and Cons



Is very gentle on the skin

Reduces skin texture 

Makes the skin more radiant and plump

What is the Gentle Retinol Cream from Good Molecules?

gentle retinol cream

The Gentle Retinol cream is an anti-aging cream that mainly targets fine lines, and wrinkles and improves skin texture. It is a gentle treatment that contains 0.1% retinol and claims to nourish and re-plump the skin. It is suitable for oil skin types and particularly for beginners or people with sensitive skin.

Ingredients in this Gentle Retinol Cream

Below are listed the main ingredients in this product and their benefits for the skin;


Retinol is known to speed up skin cell turnover to reveal brighter skin. It reduces signs of aging due to its ability to boost collagen production in the skin for firmer and more youthful skin. At a concentration of 0.1%, it gently brightens, smoothens, and evens out the skin tone.


Often referred to as the natural alternative to retinol, bakuchiol is a potent antioxidant derived from the babchi plant. It has anti-aging benefits that stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. It equally brightens and improves skin texture. 

Acmella oleracea extract

Another one of nature’s gems, this plant extract is used in this treatment for its outstanding anti-aging benefits. Believed to be the natural alternative to Botox, acmella oleracea acts as a muscle relaxant and prevents wrinkles from forming via the action of the compound N-alkyl amide silanol.  

How to use the Good Molecules Gentle Retinol Cream?

When starting with the gentle retinol cream it is best to space out the frequency at which you apply it to your skin. Based on the brand’s recommendation for dry and sensitive skin 1-2x a week, and for oily skin 3-4x a week. 

gentle retinol cream

I used it 3- 4x a week as soon as I started because my skin is used to strong actives but if that is not your case, follow brand recommendations especially if your skin is sensitive. Also, this treatment is meant to be used only at night and make sure to wear SPF during the day. It is best to apply after-tour water-based products and right before your moisturizer. 

Pro tip: Avoid applying retinol to damp skin as this increases the absorption rate of the skin and increases the risk of irritation.

Benefits and Drawbacks of this Gentle Retinol Cream


  • It is an affordable treatment and although specifically formulated for fine lines and wrinkles, it can help even out surface-level discoloration (e.g. recent acne scars or dark spots) and improve skin texture. 

  • It is beginner-friendly and not as harsh as other retinol-based products.

  • It makes the skin appear more plump after 3–4 weeks of usage.

  • Has a lightweight texture and absorbs easily into the skin.

  • Combines the power of bakuchiol for anti-aging benefits and also contains skin-soothing ingredients to negate the risk of skin irritation. 


  • One of the significant drawbacks of this product is it does not pair well with other strong actives like vitamin C, AHAs, and BHAs.

  • It may be too mild if you are looking to treat severe acne.

Final Thoughts

In all, the Good Molecules Retinol Cream delivered on its claims successfully, it made my skin more plum and made my smile lines and other dynamic wrinkles less visible. In addition, it made my skin smoother and improved the brightness of my skin tone. I will recommend this as a good anti-aging solution. However, if you are looking for a retinol product to tackle deep hyperpigmentation and severe forms of acne, you might want a more potent product.

Where to Buy the Gentle Retinol Cream from Good Molecules


Can I Use the Gentle Retinol Cream Every day?

If your skin can tolerate it, it will be ideal to use this cream every day. However, a lot of people find retinol irritating especially at the beginning. My advice is to start slow 3x a week and work your way up safely.

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