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5 Habits To Adopt For Great Skin | Weirdskin

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

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Getting clear skin sometimes may seem like a nightmare with never-ending breakouts, seasonal changes, sunburns, you name it. But it does not always have to be that hard as a few lifestyle adjustments can help switch things up. In today’s post discover my ultimate guide on how to develop a lifestyle that will guarantee you youthful and radiating skin.

Why Your Lifestyle Contributes To Having Great Skin

There are two main factors that influence the quality of the skin. On one hand, we have intrinsic factors; these factors refer to the natural aging process of the skin over time. On the other hand, there are extrinsic factors such as environmental influence, sun exposure, nutrition, etc. While we cannot stop the natural aging of the skin, making slight changes in daily habits can go a long way to protect the skin from external aggressions.

Things like having a skincare routine, eating healthy, and exercising are all things that can contribute to the overall health of the skin. However, there are other key changes you need to implement for better results. The following tips are changes I implemented myself and found made a huge difference.

Keep Your Skin Properly Moisturized

A black girl with great skin

I can not stress this point enough. Moisturizing your skin properly will make a huge difference in your skin game. Why? It is really simple, the skin has a barrier on its outermost layer that prevents bacteria, dirt, and impurities from penetrating the body. Once this barrier ceases to function properly, your skin becomes prone to infections of all sorts.

To avoid this, it is imperative to nourish and reinforce your skin’s barrier by keeping it moisturized. To do this include in your routine skincare products that contain hydrators, that attract moisture into the skin, emollients that nourish and condition the skin’s lipid barrier, and finally, occlusives that trap moisture within the dermis and form a protect film on the skin against impurities.

Be Consistent

Some skin care products such as an avocado, a sponge, a tea bag, and bathing soap.

The truth is you will not get the results you want overnight. Getting healthy skin is a long process that takes a lot of commitment and consistency to achieve lasting results. As such, adopting consistency as a way of life will increase your chances of getting your skin to look the way you want it to.

It took me over 7 years to understand and learn how to identify moisturizers for my extremely dry skin. Lots of skincare issues will require months of treatments before the first improvements appear. Without consistency, you might never get where you want. Stick to your daily routine and always make sure to cleanse and moisturize your face after a long day of work.

Prioritize Sun Protection

The Hydro Boost Water Gel from Beauty brand Neutrogena.

UV rays from the sun are responsible for most of the damage your skin will go through, throughout your life. Exposure to the sun causes the deterioration of the skin’s DNA cells and can lead to cancer, and premature skin aging. This equally destroys the skin’s barrier creating a way in for bacteria and infections. This is why professionals always recommend wearing sunscreen. If your lifestyle requires you to spend lots of hours under the sun, make sure to always carry around a tube of sunscreen spray. Or prioritize wearing covering clothes, hats, and shades when stepping into the sun.

Get Enough Rest

A girl in a white bikini relaxing in a serene environment.

It is scientifically proven that sleeping disorders have a link with dermatological skin conditions. This study revealed that people who suffer from sleep disorders are more susceptible to experiencing skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, and skin aging.

Having a regulated sleeping cycle contributes to having radiant skin. Skin cells regenerate at night during deep and prolonged sleep. Interrupting this process disrupts the repair process, resulting in visible signs of aging skin, the appearance of eye bags, and dull skin.

Also, consider reducing your screen time which not only contributes to disrupting your sleep schedule. Blue light emitted by electronic devices leads to skin cell shrinkage speeding up the aging process.

Reduce stress as much as possible as it contributes immensely to skin aging. Stress causes a dysfunction of the immune system, damage to DNA, as well as endocrine and immune modulation – all of which contribute to skin aging.

Live A Healthy Life

A black girl drinking a smoothie.

Your skin’s condition like any other part of the body depends largely on what you eat. Your diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrients that will make your skin glow.

Things like vitamins and minerals are rich in antioxidants that improve the texture and radiance of the skin. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the formation of collagen and brightening the skin. Other nutrients great for the skin include vitamin A and vitamin K.

Stay clear of fatty and processed foods that are packed with sugar as they may lead to breakouts and dull skin.

Add to this good hygiene, to prevent bacterial infections and a daily exercise routine for improved blood circulation and an oxygen boost for more radiance.

Adapting these skincare tips may seem minimal but trust me they will make a big difference in the long run. Making lifestyle changes will definitely cost you less than a trip to a dermatologist or an esthetician. Appropriate skin care requires a better lifestyle as well as adequate products.


What Are Some Habits To Great Skin?

To achieve and maintain healthy skin, adopt a healthy lifestyle and skincare habits like eating balanced meals, exercising regularly, sleeping 8 hours a day, and sticking to your skincare routine for consistent results.

How Can I Get Great Skin Naturally?

Introduce more skin-enhancing vitamins and minerals in your diet via the foods you eat. Also, you can use 100% certified organic skincare products formulated with plant extracts and botanicals.

What Natural Drinks Make Your Skin Glow?

Drinks rich in vitamins A and C can help improve your Skin’s radiance when taken on a regular basis. a few examples include carrot juice, beetroot juice, green juice, lemon and ginger tea/juice, and turmeric tea.

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