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SKIN1004’s Hyalu-Cica Water-fit Sun Serum Review

Updated: 23 hours ago

I have tried a fair share of sunscreens on my skincare journey and conclude that Korean sunscreens are the most compatible with dark skin tones.  Why? They are so hydrating, do not leave a white cast and mostly do not irritate the skin or sting the eyes.

SKIN1004 hyalu-cica water-fit sun serum

If you’ve not encountered the TikTok sensation; SKIN1004 Hyalu-Cica Water-fit Sun Serum SPF50 P++++ let me introduce you to one of the best sunscreens on the market today!!

My Experience with the Hyalu-Cica Water-fit Sun Serum from SKIN1004

SKIN1004 hyalu-cica water-fit sun serum

I got this amazing sunscreen at the start of 2023 alongside all the other products that make up the SKIN1004 Hyalu-Cica line of hydrating products for dry skin types. I used it last summer to put it to the test and boy did it deliver!

The first thing that stands out about this sunscreen is its lightweight texture despite being a cream, which is exactly what I look for when choosing my sunscreens. It does take a couple of minutes to dry down, but that is not a big deal, and it leaves a semi-matte finish that still gives a subtle glow throughout the day. 

It also keeps the skin properly moisturized as it contains hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica which is a bonus aside from sun and free-radical protection. Furthermore, it doesn’t irritate the skin whatsoever and is fragrance-free (good news if you have sensitive skin). However, because of one of the UV filters used in this sunscreen, it has a slight blueish tint to it when applied on the skin, but I promise this easily goes away as you blend it in. The SKIN1004 will work on all skin types most especially on dry skin. 

This is my 2nd favorite sunscreen after the Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Sunscreen.




Doesn’t  leave a white cast (for most people)

Available only in 50ml

Light yet moisturizing

Comes in a pump bottle

Leaves a dewy finish

Isn’t greasy and doesn’t trigger sweat

What is the Hyalu-Cica Water-fit Sun Serum from SKIN1004?

Ingredients in this Water-fit Sun Serum

This would be about the most important ingredients. Top 3 or 4.

Tinosorb M:

This is a very photostable sun filter that is effective against both UVA and UVB rays. Tinosorb M thanks to its microfine structure can absorb UV rays, reflect and scatter light away from the skin; giving the Hyalu-cica sun serum broad spectrum coverage. This filter equally boosts the performance of other oil-soluble UV filters found in the formula and is responsible for the blueish tint the sunscreen leaves momentarily on the skin.

Uvinul A Plus:

In addition to providing UVA protection this oil-based sun filter also protects against free radical damage for anti-aging benefits.

Uvinul T 150:

Unlike the previous filter, Uvinul T 150 is a UVB filter that absorbs UVB rays. 


Iscotrizinol is an organic UV filter that absorbs UVB rays that are responsible for sunburns on the skin. This UV filter is very oil soluble and also water-resistant. It is known to be one of the most photostable UV filters with 25 hours required to lose 10% of its SPF protection ability.

Benefits and Drawbacks of this Water-fit Sun Serum

Overall these are the benefits and disadvantages of this sunscreen you should be aware of before buying.


  • It is a hydrating chemical sunscreen that does not irritate the skin and blends out easily.

  • It does not leave a white cast (for most people) and has a semi-matte finish. 

  • It is safe for sensitive skin types as it also is fragrance-free.

  • It is affordable when purchased from K-beauty retail stores


  • It comes only in 50ml which is little and calls for frequent repurchase. 

  • Because shipping from Korean retailers takes a long time, you may end up purchasing at a higher price from small retailers (my order took a month on Stylevana).

  • It is not water-resistant totally, so not the best option for beachy days and swimming.

Final Thoughts

This sunscreen is easily my top 2 Korean sunscreen of all time right behind the Round Lab Birch Juice SPF 50. It is moisturizing yet light and doesn’t irritate the skin or make one sweaty making it idle for the summer.

Where to Buy this Water-fit Sun Serum

You can purchase this sunscreen from Korean skincare retailers like Stylevana, Olive Young, Yesstyle, Amazon or the skin1004 official website.


Is SKIN1004’s Water-fit Sun Serum Chemical or Physical?

The SKIN1004 Hyalu-cica Water-fit sun serum is a 100% chemical or organic sunscreen with four UV filters in it.

Does SKIN1004’s Water-fit Sun Serum Leave a White Cast?

It may have a slight blueish tint upon application but that blends in eventually pretty quickly.

Is SKIN1004’s Water-fit Sun Serum Good for Oily Skin?

This sunscreen can be suitable for oily or dehydrated skin as it has a light creamy texture.



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